My title Buitre (Spanish for Vulture) birding holidays is a birding holiday company offering self catering birding holidays tailored to suit you, at reasonable prices.


Frank Hair runs Buitre Birding Holidays with his wife Eileen. They have been living in Olvera, Spain since 2006 where they have really got to know the local area and community. Frank has spent this time searching out the best birding sites in the area and the best time to visit them; he now knows where to look to provide you with some of the best sightings, whatever time of year you visit and whatever you want to see.





  This once Arabic town, known as Hippa or Hippo Nova by the Romans, lies in the heart of the Sierra de Càdiz.  It's urban centre, declared a site of historic interest, offers a delightful combination of traditional Andalucia, modern architecture and monumental beauty.  The main land marks of the town are:

The castle - a fortress from the 12th century which was restored a few years ago and now looks like it would in the 12th century, quite formidable

The church - the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación a neoclassical jewel.

The Gardens of El Peñón del Sagrado Corazón - these gardens offer magnificent views of the town and the surrounding sierras. 

 The vulture colony is on one side of Olvera and the feeding site is on the other so the vultures fly over all day, at times below the height of the church and castle.  Choughs circle the church all year and Lesser Kestrels nest in the walls of the church in the summer and sometimes spend the winter as two did over the winter of 2008/2009.