Here are examples of the accommodation we have to offer.




We are associated with a holiday rental company which offers several different types of accommodation with in Olvera.  We also have connections with a ecotourism holiday company at Caños de Meca that have 2 bedroom bungalows at the edge of the natural park.  This is on the Atlantic coast by the light house at Trafalgar (some of the photos in my gallery have been taken here) this is only 45mins from Tarifa where during the Autumn Migration you can watch huge kettles of Raptors gathering to hop across the straits of Gibraltar.  Along with all of the Raptors there are White and Black Storks,  Alpine Swifts and Bee-eaters to name but a few.  It is a strange site to see pipits, swallows and the like flying off shore. You can watch them from the beach at Trafalgar.

One house is just under the church and castle where in the breading season Lesser Kestrels nest.






The Hotel Estacion de Olvera is on the outskirts of Olvera at the start of the via verde.  They have a bed and breakfast service and a restaurant attached to the hotel for evening meals.  There are plenty of other restaurants in Olvera.




We have just added this finca (Farm house) in the campo (country) to our portfolio of houses it can sleep up to 8 people, (4-6 is good).  It is situated just outside Olvera in the valley of the Rio Galapagar.  Where in the spring there are Golden Orioles, Nightingales,Hoopoes and Bee-eaters.  It also has a pool which is good for chilling after a hard days birdwatching you can watch the Red-rumped Swallows drink from the pool. 

        As this is a much larger house that the ones we have within the town, subsequently the cost of this house is more than the houses within the town but if there are 4 people it would work out about the same as 2 people in the town.  Contact my for further details